Monday, 17 December 2007

Idle hands!

AF had been given access to a lawyer’s internet while waiting to be seen. She sent me a minor treatise on the delights and comforts of married life. She also brought with her some science fiction and fantasy novels to help her keep in touch with reality when dealing with the Iranian legal system.
Your emails are dangerous. I laughed so much I nearly broke my chair.
You are right, of course. Actually I was not really depressed in the sense of worried or anxious about something. I needed time to be alone, which I do need from time to time. I really wanted to think about the book I want to write[1]. There were a lot of thoughts and I wanted to organise them without distraction. N is wonderful because she was very patient and when we met over the weekend I was able to talk about my thoughts on what could be rather difficult ground, religion. She was able to comment intelligently and sympathetically. It is so lovely to have a partner who is an adult. 
The only real problem with Starbucks here (apart from the price) is that there are no ginger biscuits! I must import them somehow.
I am working until Wednesday then I won’t have access to a PC until the New Year. I am planning on getting a manual typewriter when I get paid. N helped me bring some of my parents' books back from the village a couple of weeks ago and I am in seventh heaven having books again. I also found some books in the laundry room.
I was, by the way, reading how the US apparently withdrew support for the Shah and helped to precipitate the Iranian revolution when the Shah was trying to develop nuclear power because that went against Anglo-American oil interests. It makes me view in a different light what President Ahmadinejad is trying to do.
Enjoy your Sci-Fi. I'm sure it will be useful.